Three Characters Who Have Influenced Katniss Essay

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Ewon Chang
Ms. Costa
6th November 2012
Three characters who have influenced Katniss Everyone in society must have been influenced by others around him. Think about it; a person can always find several people who have influenced him deeply in his life, such as his parents and teachers. More specifically, the person can be directly influenced by their words and actions; he can also be unconsciously influenced by their minds and moods. However, these influences can be positive or negative for a man. Katniss, the protagonist in The Hunger Games, has been influenced in both positive and negative ways by three characters: Gale, Cinna and Cato. Gale teaches Katniss hunting skills like a big brother and promises to take care of Prim.
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At the last time they meet before the Games, Katniss cries out, “don’t let them starve! ... [Gale] won’t! You know [Gale] won’t…” (Collins 40). The reassurance is really important for Katniss because she is so concerned about her family, especially about her younger sister Prim. With Gale’s strong guarantee, Katniss can give herself completely to the Games. Gale has influenced Katniss positively by teaching her hunting skills and providing a reassuring guarantee. Cinna, as Katniss’s stylist throughout the Games, has turned Katniss to a stunner in the opening ceremonies to help her attract sponsors, as well as prepare for the interview. The fire costume is so dazzling that it has caused a sensation in the opening ceremonies. When Katniss and Peeta ride out in a chariot down the street, “the people of the Capitol are going nuts, showering [them] with flowers, shouting [their] names, [their] first names… Cinna has given [Katniss] a great advantage. No one will forget [Katniss]. Not [her] look, not [her] name” (Collins 70). The perfect debut of Katniss helps her get a lot of rich sponsors who can provide her with valuable support during the Games. Different from Haymitch’s arbitrary requirement to the presentation, Cinna’s suggestion is so suitable and reasonable for Katniss that she can show her best aspects to the audience. As Katniss follows Cinna’s strategy to be herself in the presentation, “the applause continues long after
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