Essay on Three Contributions Of Chinese Immigrants

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Three Contributions Of Chinese Immigrants

     The Chinese started immigrating to the United States in 1849. They left China in search of a better life. Life in China in the 1800's was very hard. There wasn't enough food, money and the cities were overpopulated. They heard about the United States and believed there was an opportunity to start over again. They hoped to find jobs on the railroad or to strike gold. When they arrived in the United States, life was difficult. Laws were made which discriminated against them. However, eventually they became a respected part of our society. They are responsible for many contributions which are part of
American life today. This essay will describe three of these
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This was a very long time ago. It is thought that tea was first cultivated in China. Then the China tea plant was taken to Japan in about 800A.D. In Japan, tea was used for medical purposes. When green tea was developed in Chine, tea became a popular beverage. Tea was introduced into England in about 1660. It was a gift from the British East India Tea Company. The Company became a monopoly. It controlled the trade of tea from China and from India. Soon, tea was introduced to the rest of Europe and became a very popular beverage.
     Tea is made from young leaves and leaf buds of a type of evergreen plant known as Camellia sinensis. The name really means Chinese camellia. The name is because there are so many different types of teas. A Chinese writer said there were “a thousand and ten teas”. Tea is considered black, green or oolong.
Most of the international trade today is in black tea. Today, tea is drank all over the world, including the United States. Tea is produced in about 30 countries, but China is still the largest exporter of tea.
     Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical technique used to relieve pain, cure disease and improve general health. This medical technique consists of inserting hair-thin needles through particular spots of the skin. These spots are called neuroreceptors. The points are then stimulated by twirling, by
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