Three Currents Affairs Affecting Public Services

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|Course Tutor – Ali Calthorpe |Year – 2012/2013 |
|Unit – Unit 3 Citizenship and Diversity |Tutor – Ali Calthorpe |
|Assignment Title – The media, current affairs and support within the public services |
|Handout date – w/c 20/05/2013 |Submission date – w/c 03/06/2013 |

|Outcomes Covered |
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You must illustrate that you can |
|report on current affairs and their impact upon your police service in a balanced approach. You will be required to attend an |
|assessment centre and complete various tasks in order to successfully be appointed in the role. |
| |
|Task One: (P7) (P8) |
|Your first task is to write a special news article where you must report on three examples of current affairs that affect |
|public services and citizens (P7). In the final part of your article you should present information on how the media reports |
|current affairs involving public services (P8).You should include in your article how the media have reported these different |
|current affairs and the public services’ response.Consider if the media coverage differs in different newspapers or television|
|channels. For example, if some reports are favourable to the services and others not. |
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