Three Dancing Goats

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The Three Dancing Goats
"fTT^HIS evening I am going to tell you the
JL tale of the three dancing goats,
Baba Trinco as he squatted on the floor and greeted us with his broad smile.
" Once upon a time it happened that a hardworking young peasant was lucky enough to possess three dancing goats. He was lucky because they brought him all he desired a little comfort for his widowed mother, and a pretty wife. " He and his mother lived in a little bamboo hut and had a small plot of grazing land. Their entire wealth consisted of a couple of cows.
When a year of drought came they were in great trouble, so that one morning the widowed mother with tears in her eyes said to her son: " '
Sindhu, we shall have to get rid of the two cows. So go
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So one day Sindhu took his flute and goats and went to the landowner's house. He played his flute as well as he possibly could and the three dancing goats danced as merrily as ever.
Their lovely long ears flapped in rhythm and the movements of their limbs were very graceful.
It was an enchanting performance.
" The landowner's daughter offered to buy
The Three Dancing Goats one of the goats and asked what price Sindhu wanted for it.
" '
It cannot be purchased with money, dear lady/ declared Sindhu, adding that if she really wanted one of his precious pets she would have to pay a visit to his widowed mother and take her a barrel of foodstuffs. For he lived and laboured for his mother's happiness and comfort.
" The girl was so eager to have a goat that she agreed to go to the peasant's hut with a barrel of foodstuffs. Sindhu and his mother were very happy to welcome this beautiful daughter of their landlord in their humble cottage, and the girl was delighted to own a dancing goat.
" A few days later another summons came from the landowner, and Sindhu went with his flute and the two remaining goats.
" The girl came out and said :
' You see, dear lad, I have not been able to make my goat dance at all. I have had expert musicians from the
Temple to play for him, but he won't dance.
Our village soothsayer says the goat will never dance without a companion. Will you let me have another goat?'
" Sindhu was delighted both for the sake of
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