Three Day Food Intake

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Three Day Food Intake May 5, 2016 SCI/220 University of Phoenix Jeba Inbarasu The Day Food Intake After recording my three days of food intake, I went to the reports section of WileyPlus, where it gave a complete breakdown of calories and nutrients. When comparing the report to my DRI, it gave told me the difference between what I should be taking in for nutrients and what I am taking in. The following will cover the recorder intake of protein, carbohydrates, and lipids. Track the ranges of macronutrient intake, as well as the fiber intake range. Recorded intake of protein, carbohydrates, and lipids The foods in my recorded daily intake that provided protein were peanut butter, all the meats, protein…show more content…
A diet rich in fiber will lower cholesterol levels and lessen the risk for certain cancers, and heart disease. The fiber containing groups that fell short of the recommended intake were fruits and vegetables. The amount of fruits I took in was lower than the vegetable intake. The specific foods that provided the most fiber in my meals were the vegetables and the oatmeal. Dietary Modifications The changes that I would make to increase the fiber in my diet, would be to include more fruits and vegetables in my daily intake. The daily recommended intake of fiber was 21 g. The most fiber I consumed in one day was 15 g. or 73 percent of the recommended daily intake. I need to consume more fruits and vegetables in an effort to achieve the proper dietary fiber intake. Macro nutrients, are essential for health, growth, healing, and immune function. Too little or too much of the macronutrients may result in poor health and a variety of diseases ("Nutrition Md", 2016).. An example of consuming too much protein, as in animal protein, it could cause kidney stones, or gout. Conclusion After analyzing the three-day food intake, I realized that the healthy diet I thought I have Been consuming was not so healthy. This put diet in a whole different perspective for me. In Order to achieve proper nutrition, healthier levels of macronutrients need to be consumed. I Was well below the amount

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