Three Different Marriages in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

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Women are taught from a very young age to dream of the perfect marriage and a fairytale ending, just like Cinderella. When little girls get bored, they often play house and act as if they are cooking or cleaning. Every girl dreams of a handsome man with tons of money, when in reality that doesn’t work out for everyone. Janie, throughout Their Eyes Were Watching God, has three different marriages that were very different. She changed throughout her life stemming off of each relationship. The first relationship was with Logan Killicks. Janie was never really crazy about Logan. She honestly wanted nothing to do with him. The only reason that Janie and Logan were together was because Nanny arranged the marriage. The main reason that this relationship lasted as long as it did was because Janie had a status and everyone respected her. Therefore, things had to remain the way they were. This relationship went on for about six months until Logan started to stray away take power over her. He even had the audacity to make Janie start working. Janie’s dream of love overpowered her desire to find a place in this world. As Janie was continuously belittled by Logan, it was easier for her to walk away, especially when Jody comes into the picture. The relationship between Janie and Jody had a strong imbalance of power. This came along when Jody became the mayor of Eatonville. He tried to carry the…
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