Three Dimensional Printing Essay

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More Types of Three-dimensional Printing Processes
Larry Hornbeck created digital light processing in 1987. Hornbeck invented the digital micro mirror device, first used for cinema projectors. This micro mirror device can be used for digital light processing, which uses arc lamps to harden a liquid plastic resin. Digital light processing is a low cost method and reduces waste. Selective laser melting uses a high-power laser beam to fuse and melt metallic powders. The laser fully melts the powder into a solid 3D object. Selective laser melting uses software to cut the object into 2D layers for printing. This 3D printing method is used in the aerospace manufacturing and medical orthopedics industries. Electronic beam melting fuses and melts
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The University of California’s Engineering department is testing technology related to 3D printing houses, and exploring the possibility of electrical and plumbing work being printed too. This would allow houses to be built in twenty hours. This could solve housing issues globally.
Seventeen million children around the world suffer from malnutrition. What if we could print a balanced meal? To end world hunger, we need to be capable of manufacturing cheap but nutritious food. In 2013, NASA gave a grant to a Texas engineering firm to create the world’s first food 3D printer. The models built can use chocolate or infused sugar to print. With more research and development, this technology could one day save malnourished children around the world.
Lack of clean drinking water and sanitation measures for the disposal of waste are also big issues, especially in developing countries. The University of Washington and charity “Water for Humans” are partnering to create toilets and rainwater collection devices using three-dimensional printing. Once established, they plan to try this technology in Oaxaca, Mexico.
To help protect teak trees used to build boats in West Africa, waste plastic can be used to 3D print boats. Three-dimensional printers could be sent to emergency zones to create medical supplies, as they are needed. The ability to 3D print simple medical supplies could benefit areas where medical
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