Three Doctors Suffering Summary

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to work with Southam. According to page 130, its states, “...three young Jewish doctors refused,saying they wouldn’t conduct research on patients without their consent.” and then on page 133 Skloot says, “Hyman compared Southam’s study to Nazi research and got affidavits from the three doctors who’d resigned - they described Southam’s research using words like illegal, immoral, and deplorable.” These lines from the text reveal how the doctors felt because of what Southam was doing. Those doctors even resigned and they testified against Southam because they knew what Southam was doing was wrong and they could not stand there and be an accomplice.

Another piece of evidence Skloot uses is headlines from the paper. On page 133 it says, “ PATIENTS INJECTED WITH CELLS NOT TOLD THEY WERE CANCER...SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS CONDEMN ETHICS OF CANCER INJECTION” This quote were in newspapers and magazines and once people read it, they had many questions and the patients who were injected with those cancer cells reported it to reporters. People believed that Southam could have just injected himself with the cells instead but Southam did not want to risk his life. I believe that he did not want to risk it
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On page 135-136 it says, “ Later that year, a Harvard anesthesiologist named Henry Beecher published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that Southam’s research was only one of the hundreds of similarly unethical studies.Beecher published a detailed list of the twenty-two worst offenders...Southam’s study was included as example number 17.” This quote explains how Southam’s experiments were one of the worst cases in the world. His case was used as an example of what horrible experiments people had done to innocent and clueless people that were taken advantage of. Those patients did not realize what was happening to them until it was too
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