Three Episodes

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Career episode 1 a) Introduction. CE 1.1 In the first career episode I shall describe a position that I currently occupy. I have been working at Mashiul Alam + Associates since March 2012 to till date. It is situated in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I am a civil engineer (structural). I am employed as Office in charge. The group under my direction performs structural design and architectural design of multi-storied commercial and residential buildings. b) Background. CE 1.2 1. As Office in charge I am responsible for design and construction top supervision of various multi storied commercial and residential projects. These projects are mostly new ones under construction or those being retrofitted. They are situated mostly…show more content…
The next stage of my work is to carry out all the necessary calculations which includes: Selection of the concrete and reinforcement strength Selecting the seismic zone and ground acceleration co-efficient Selection of wind explorer zone and design wind speed. Selection of foundation type (single footing, pile foundation, raft foundation etc.) Selection of required frame section. According to my calculations I choose appropriate materials. For my selection I take into consideration the peculiarities of the building area of the designed object ( seismic factors, wind load, unstable ground, etc). I also take into account the location of the suppliers, in other words their proximity to the building-site of the designed object. I also compare costs of equipment supplied by different firms. When a design is ready, I give all the supporting documentation ( an explanatory note and drawings) to a customer for approval. If necessary, I employ the author’s supervision to carry out all the decisions, taken in the design. I offer my customer different ways of environmental protection, fire safety measures. I estimate which equipment is to be reconstructed and which one should be replaced by the new equipment. There is a team of engineers consisting of the institute staff. I am a member of this team, working effectively and competently. d) Summary. CE 1.4 Duties and tasks
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