Three Essential Nutrients

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Three nutritional musts for the healing brain of a teen recovering from substance abuse. Substance abuse is a serious issue that is affecting thousands of people around the world, including many teenagers. Unfortunately, substance abuse is a disease that damages the brain. When a person actually takes time to learn about what abusing drugs or alcohol can do to the brain, they will see that the results are very scary. It can destroy the brain’s nerve cells and disrupt neural circuitry. This is going to affect a person’s behavior, their mood, their memory, their decision-making abilities and their cognitive functioning. This is extremely serious. Parents are especially concerned about what substance abuse is doing to their teenager’s brains and…show more content…
For the brain and the body to begin to heal, certain things need to be done. Firstly, a teenager needs to get help dealing with the substance abuse. A rehab facility is highly recommended. Secondly, using techniques taught by a skilled psychotherapist can stimulate growth in the brain and repair damaged nerve cells. Thirdly, a young person is going to need to receive critical nutrients and eat a balanced diet to adequately heal their body. Three Essential Nutrients for the Healing of the Brain The brain needs energy through complex carbohydrates. This would include whole grains, starchy vegetables and beans. Why are these so important? The brain likes to use glucose, or sugar, for energy. Even though the brain only makes up about 2 percent of the entire body, it uses more than 25 percent of the energy that is used in the body. For the brain to heal properly, it needs to have plenty of energy. This means that a person, including one with substance abuse issues, should consume at least 120 g of carbohydrate every single day. These should be consumed throughout the day to ensure that there is still energy in a person’s liver when they
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