Three Estates Of French Revolution

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Listen up Children, because God himself has allowed me to reflect back on my old life as a human to educate you on what was happening during the French Revolution. Now, everything up until the point of my death by guillotine I lived through, and everything after I watched over - and believe you me this was not a time you wanted to live through. France was a very dangerous place and the French revolution was among one of the most violent in the world, so keep reading for the specifics and turn the page for the beginning.
For the first time in many years the king called a meeting of the estate general which is when all three estates met so that each one could be represented in government. The three estates, or orders, were the clergy- which is where I belong- being the first, the Nobility being the second, and commoners being the third. The third estate was the largest estate which included everybody that was not in the clergy or not a nobility- like myself. Not everybody in the third estate was poor, so long as you were not nobility or in the clergy you are in the third estate. We couldn't all agree how to vote. The third estate wanted to to vote by head but the first and second estate wanted to vote by order - which means each estate gets one vote, and because we were the most wealthy of estates we
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The commoners heard a rumor that King Louis XVI was sending an army to attack the new parliament. On July 14, 1789 the commoners were preparing to fight back the supposed army and they couldn't find any gun powder for all of their guns. They knew that a pile of gunpowder was stashed away at the Bastille so they went to go attack it. The Bastille is a huge prison that was a symbol of the King's absolute power. When King Louis XVI heard of the news that the commoners attacked the Bastille he asked his adviser,"Is this a revolt?" he was answered,"No majesty, this is a
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