Three Exam Questions and Answers

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THREE EXAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PETROLEUM GEOLOGY -MY FIRST QUESTION AND ANSWERS 5) Discuss the different types of traps and seals and the importance of “timing”. Give an example related to the Middle East. “Trap” can be defined as shield against oil and gas movement. In other words, the trap system had been set up before the migration of oil and/or gas to this location. After coming across the trap, oil and gas finished their journey under the ground if the trap is settled well. (I ignore some leakage of them). By the way, trap could be just structure as barren or could be productive. The highest point of the trap is the crest, or culmination. The lowest point at which hydrocarbons may be contained in the trap is the spill point; this lies on a horizon contour, the spill plane. The vertical distance from crest to spill plane is the closure of the trap. A trap may or may not be full to the spill plane, a point of both local and regional significance. Note that in areas of monoclinal dip the closure of a trap may not be the same as its structural relief. This situation is particularly significant in hydrodynamic traps. The zone immediately beneath the petroleum is referred to as the bottom water, and the zone of the reservoir laterally adjacent to the trap as the edge zone. Gross pay is total thickness of the reservoir unit.Net pay is the fraction of the reservoir that has porosity

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