Three Examples Of Social Injustice

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Social injustice; when some unfair practices are being carried out in society. This is often practiced in schools, homes, and in the workplace. These practices are influential to many and are bringing a negative impact to everyone in society. Children are being taught at such an early age to discriminate anyone who is different than them. This is carried throughout their lives and eventually separates everyone into groups based on simple things such as race and gender rather than their likes and interests. Social injustice plays a large role in today’s society and has affected many due to unfair practices. Everyone is brought up with social injustice whether we want to or not. All kids grow up believing in some social injustice, one very common one is the perfect adult life. They grow up believing that every adult gets the perfect adult life and will get what they want in the long run. World vision international looked into the problem and asked children what their dreams are for their older selves. Some of those dreams are “a positive and caring family and community environment”, “having a soulmate and friends”, “an open and welcoming society where they feel integrated”, “a proper education”, and “access to resources that can connect then to the world”, are just some of the dreams they believe in (Source C).…show more content…
An example of social in justice would be dolls. Dolls that little girls play with are made to look like a “perfect” girl. All of the dolls that are made are pretty and skinny and perfect. While the companies do make dolls of different ethnicities, they neglect dolls have disabilities, or have a different body type. There are a whole bunch of examples that social injustice can change people's perspectives (Source D). The little girls may think different of themselves and feel self conscious about themselves if they don't look pretty and perfect like those dolls they
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