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Examination of Stage of Development in a Relative The person I interviewed, Christopher, is fourteen years old. He is in the eighth grade in middle school in a rural area of Tennessee. For the interview we went to a local park where we could talk in a more isolated, but comfortable setting. The goal of the interview was to get to know the person being interviewed better and see where they are in relation to Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory of Development and Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Theory. The interview was conducted in a manner that would allow for me to test for hypothetical thinking abilities, internalizing/externalizing tendencies, self-awareness abilities, identity vs. confusion/ psychosocial development, biological growth, cognitive …show more content…
He is considered to be obese according to his BMI, but he enjoys participating in extracurricular activities such as soccer, basketball, and Boy Scouts. He stated that he does feel very self-conscious about his weight and that when people make fun of him for it, he’ll usually make fun of himself because it doesn’t hurt as much. Cognitively speaking, Christopher is mostly at age level. However, he has a learning disability and is estimated to be one year behind in regards to socialization skills and the ability to make friends. He is at age level in regards to formal operational thinking. Christopher is at age level in regards to externalizing and internalizing of emotions. He has a tendency to internalize and then explode. The results of the survey indicate that the interviewee is well aware of oneself as an individual. The last series of questions asked searched for a series of indications that the interviewee had well developed hypothetical thinking abilities for her age. Christopher is at age level in terms of hypothetical thinking and seems to be well developed in this area. He is able to utilize inferential reasoning to come to a conclusion. The last part of the interview involved Christopher fully describing how he sees himself. He described himself as fat, ugly, and chubby. I spoke extensively about how his negative outlook on himself was damaging to his self-esteem and told him ways to help him feel better about his body and identity. He

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