Three Generations Research Paper

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In my family, the three generations are all at a different stage in life. Generation one at the moment in stage eight of the Family Life course. In this stage, my grandparents who are still well are still achieving an everyday task that follows this stage. Some of these tasks involve retirement, grandparenthood, Chronic Illness & family Caregiving. In generation two the stages being portrayed is stages six and seven, launching, and empty nesting. Within this stage my mother is currently in the stage of launching, some of the the developmental task she has gone through are releasing young adults , accepting new ways of relating to young adult, maintaining a supportive home base, Sense of self changes. As for my Aunt Patty she is experiencing stage 7 empty nesting, now that my cousins are moved out she is…show more content…
Yet, my sister and I are still in the launching stage I have moved out for college, and my sister is slowly moving out on her own. In this stage this generations developmental tasks are adapting to new living circumstances, learning to live well on their own, and experiencing Adulthood.
The advantages of using the Family Development theory and the Family genogram is being able to detect patterns throughout generations to find a reason to why certain things occur.
(Cohen, 2017) By following the Family development theory you are able to better understand the running of a family and the different dynamics that occur within it. As for the genogram, it can detect patterns in psychological health and hereditary diseases and can show how families can better their relationship for the
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