Three Great Men that Embodied the American Dream

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The American dream is based upon the drive to become successful in life. It is a social ideal that having both freedom and liberty will include opportunity for prosperity and success in America. America is the land of opportunity. We are the home of freedom and liberty. Any man, immigrant or native born, all want the same thing. That is to make money. The reason why I put so much emphasis on man is that during this period in America and when the American dream was the most emphasized was during the industrialization period. During this time, a man would want to have a good job and make money in order to support his family and home. A poor kid who lived in the slums would want to work hard and have perseverance in order to build up from the…show more content…
“The world’s first billionaire,” was not only the figure head to the motor industry but was also a major philanthropist to American society (Curcio 1).
Ford’s story is the American Dream. Without going through the obstacles Ford faced he may not have been able to prosper as much as he did. He was born into the poor middle class, just like Benjamin Franklin, where he was stuck on the farm. He would have stayed a farmer his whole life if he did not have the drive of tinkering with mechanics under his belt. “From the moment Ford was a boy he knew farming for the rest of his life was not going to be his niche.” While Ford found farming hard, tedious and inefficient, he was drawn to anything mechanical. He used that drive to build his business up from the ground. So, he ran away from the farm to build a better life. “The year 1876, age thirteen, reflected the larger struggle of Henry’s early life, one that was symbolically divided in two. The death of his mother marked the close of his rural childhood and the past. The discovery of steam, engines, watches and other mechanical marvels that clanked and whirred propelled him into the future” (Curcio 8).
Anything that ticked, Ford had to know how it worked and what it did. Detroit was a perfect place to go in starting his career in the auto business. Detroit’s economy was booming and needing of a young man like Ford to work as an apprentice in
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