Three Important Events During The French Revolution

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Yeganeh Dineli
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“Three Important Events during the French Revolution”
The French Revolution is known to be one of the major events in the world history. The revolution was led by some reformers in the government who demanded some changes in the political system. The purpose of the revolution was to eliminate the power of king and the rich people who owned most of the lands, and to have a government that is elected by the citizens. Although the revolution started as a movement for government reforms, but it turned out so violent that led to the execution of the royal family. The French revolution made a major change in France and inspired some other revolutionary movements throughout Europe. Three
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Bastille was a symbol of the king’s power, but fall of bastille by the ordinary people showed king’s inability to maintain the kingdom. It became the symbol of revolution to the French people. Since then Bastille Day has been recognized as a national holiday in France. The storming of the Bastille was the begging of the French revolution.
Also the Execution of King Louis XVI was another important event in the French Revolution. After the National Assembly rebuilt the relationship between church and state, Louis’s advisers warned him that he is in danger. Many people who were pro monarchy, left France because they felt it was not safe anymore. There were some people outside of France that did not support the French Revolution and wanted Louis XVI back to power as the king. Therefore he and his family attempted to escape France and get help from other countries to put him back to power. In June 1791, King Louis XVI and his family tried to escape to Austria. As they approached the border, they got arrested and were returned to Paris. *Before Louis had attempted to escape, the French people did not really hate him, but they just wanted him to support the revolution and have some power. After he tried to escape, the people saw him as a traitor to the country and started to hate him. The hatred started the future attacks on Louis and also caused the monarchy to diminish completely. If this event did not happen, the hatred towards
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