Three Key Characters Of Hawking In Ripper By Stefan Petrucha

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In the novel Ripper by Stefan Petrucha a fourteen year old boy named Carver is adopted and is mentored by a retired detective named Albert Hawking. This book focuses around Carver and how he deals with being an orphan, as well as trying to be adopted before he gets thrown onto the streets by Ellis like a bag of trash. The novel has many key events that drive the plot forward, but these can be boiled down into three main events. The three events are when Carver becomes adopted by Mr. Hawking and is mentored in the ways of a detective, when it is revealed to Carver who is father is and what role he has played in his life throughout the novel, and the resolution of the novel when carver receives the final note from his father that leaves some questions to be answered.

The first event starts the entire plot of the book, which is when Carver is adopted by Mr. Hawking. This event sets into motion the rest of the novel as Carver is trained to become detective just as Hawking did, and that sets up the antagonist of the novel Jack The Ripper. For Carver to be adopted he had to prove his skills to Hawking through a series of puzzles designed by Hawking, as Carver is struggling to solve the last test Hawking finds him and says, “‘Boy, you’ve come this far you can’t just back down now’” (Petrucha 32). Hawking’s motivation drove Carver to solve the last puzzle revealing the New Pinkerton agencies secret base of operation. Carver walks into the agency and remembers the letter his
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