Three Layers Of Osi Model

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Seven Layers of OSI model
1. OSI is the conceptual model which consists of seven layers.
2. This seven layer model was developed by ISO in 1984.
3. ISO describes the standard for the Inter -communication. OPEN SYSTEM INTERCONNECTION MODEL
Upper layer Data Application layer

Presentation layer

Session layer

Segmentation Transport layer
Packet Network layer
Frame Data link
Bits Physical

The top most layer of the OSI reference model is application layer.
The networking applications of the OSI model are mail, web, file transfer, management, and remote connections.
Data grams are also called upper layer data.
The function of the application layer is flow control and error recovery.
The data type used is user data.
The network components used are gateways.
The communication between one layer to another layer can be done with the help of the presentation layer.
It uses the ASCII characters.
It has the encryption and decryption schemes.
It makes use of the compression.
Upper layer data is also called as datagram’s.
The function of the presentation layer is translation of data, compression and encryption.
The data type used is encoded user data.
The network components used are gateway, redirector.

The Controlling of the dialogues is done with the help of the session layer between the computers.
The session layer also controls the duplexes, transmission, and restarts.
In the session layer the duplexes are also called…
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