Three Lessons I Want My Child to Learn during the Course of His Life: An Opinion Essay

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Three lessons I want my child to learn during the course of his life Parenting role has become a very challenging task that needs a lot of attention and more time dedicated to it as a child first interaction both physically, emotionally, socially and mentally are with the parents and plays a major part in the child's future interaction with the environment. Proper parenting is important to a child's development in many aspects and it moulds a child into a respectful and responsible member of the society. Every event in a child's life at the time when he is at the development stage, plays a major role into what he becomes in future. Certain behaviors in the society or within the family set up have a major impact in a child's development. In my own opinion, parenting role has not been taken seriously and most parents have either delegated this responsibility to a third party or neglected it completely only to realize at an advanced stage that certain behaviors in their children do not conform to their standards. It is for these various reasons that I would like my child to learn the following lessons. As a young individual expecting a child, I would like my child to learn that life is highly competitive. Most children are brought up in an environment where everything is made available for them upon their demand and they grow knowing that things come easy. My child should grow knowing that everything comes as a result of hard work and to be able to enjoy a good life,
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