Three Levels of Health Promotion

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Three Levels of Health Promotion Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V July 13, 2014 A process that will enable people to improve and have control over their health is called health promotion. For social and environmental interventions as our focus we will need to move beyond individual behavior. It seeks development of individual measures and communities to enhance well being by changing their lifestyles. Promoting public health is an important role for the nurse by changing their behavior and prevents disease. Nurse’s roles include clinical consultations, patient education, prevention and follow up treatment of their illness. This will improve the availability of services in health care and reduce the symptoms of…show more content…
SECONDARY PREVENTION Secondary prevention refers to early detection and treatment of the disease. The illness or risk factors have been diagnosed and now we want to slow or halt the process in the early stages. Goals are to prevent re-injury and limit long-term disability. Examples would be for a cardiac or stroke patient to take a daily low dose of aspirin to prevent a second occurrence, a diabetic patient to change their eating habits, start an exercise program and take their medication as prescribed. People with known risk factors for illnesses must understand what is going on with their body and continue with regular physical exams and screening tests. According to the journal “Adherence to secondary prevention strategies after stroke” the main determinant to preventing a second stroke is having them change their lifestyle and take their medications as directed. The nurse’s goal is to reinforce the promising results and provide them with information regarding their risks for a reoccurrence of the stroke. TERTIARY PREVENTION Tertiary prevention focuses on the prevention of the impact from the disease. This will help patients manage the long-term health problems associated with their disease. To maximize their quality of life we would need to help them set goals to prevent further physical deterioration. Examples would be programs and support groups designated to their chronic condition, which would help these patients maintain

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