Three Little Pigs Short Story

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One of the fairy tales I heard growing up is The Three Little Pigs, it is a tale about three young pigs sent into the world to fend for themselves. They each make a home out of different materials and soon run into trouble. This short story shows us that putting in time and effort pays off, it teaches is that we have a better chance of success if we are dedicated to doing things the right way. Furthermore, the story teaches us to follow our instincts, the little pigs probably would not have lived if they didn’t.
This was the first story that came to my mind for this assignment, it was one of my favorites my growing up. One of my grandmothers loved reading to us and telling us stories, and this is one of the many she would tell us. It is a perfect bedtime story and something that has stuck with me through the many years since I’ve heard it.
I read a version of the story while I was writing this paper, and the tale my grandma told me was a little different, more child appropriate. The version I am going to tell today is the one I listened to growing up, I think these changes show us how folk lore changes from generation to generation, and based on the audience.
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs and their mother. One day, the mother could no longer afford to feed the little pigs, so she told them they would have to fend for themselves. The little pigs set out down the road until they came across a man with the wagon full of straw, the first little pig asked;
“May I
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