Three Little Words: The Compelling Autobiography of Ashley Rhodes-Courter

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“Sunshine, you’re my baby and I’m your only mother. You must listen to the one taking care of you, but she’s not your mama. Never forget, I’m the only mama who will love you forever and ever.” Ashley Rhodes Courter’s mom had told her.

Ashley Rhodes-Courter was only three years old when she was separated from her mother. She spent the next nine years bouncing from one foster family to another. Her mother, Lorraine, was only twenty years old, and she was also too young to take responsibilities for her two children. However, Ashley grew up earning straight “A’s” in her classes; she won a world-wide Harry Potter essay contest in New York, as well as many others. She was born in South Carolina, and later was taken to her first foster family in Florida. The closest family member she was kept with was her step-brother Luke, who didn’t share the same father. Later on, when Ashley was eleven years old, she got a new step-sister, who did not share the same father as she and Luke.

The book grew from an essay that Ashley wrote for a competition in which students were asked to write a moment in their lives which they learned something about themselves The most noteworthy achievement of the subject in the book, Three Little Words is when Ashley got a home after being in foster homes for a long period of time. She has spent at least ten years in foster care; which includes moving from one school to another, moving foster homes, she had seventy-three different

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