Three Main Religions in the Middle East

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All three have a tie to Jerusalem as a Holy City. These religions don’t get along very well because of their differences, but they also have some unseen similarities. Judaism originated close to four thousand years ago in the region of Canaan. It’s heritage traces back to God giving his commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Judaism is based off of the Torah-the Jewish holy book. The Star of David, also known as Shield of David, represents Judaism. In Judaism, women are separate but equal; they believe that women are equal to men, as it states in the Torah, but women aren’t allowed to do the same jobs as men. As for the demographics of Judaism, 13.3 million people in the world are Jewish and the majority of them live in Diaspora. Yom Kippur is the most sacred day of Judaism; in this holiday, Jews fast, pray and repent for 25 hours. Along with Yom Kippur; Chanukkah and the start of Passover are also important in the Jewish holidays. Judaism is similar to Christianity and Islam as they only believe in one God, and Jesus’ crucifixion. Judaism and Islam are strictly monotheistic. Unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism believes that God has divine revelation and forgiveness. They call their God Yahwen. Islam originated from the Arabian Peninsula around 622 CE. They follow the sacred text of the Qur’an that teaches about the Prophet Mohammed as he followed Allah, their God. A star and crescent…
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