Three Men in a Boat Chapter Summary

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Chapter 11
How George once woke up early in the morning accidentally
George, who is known for sleeping till late, cites an incident of waking up early one morning by chance. Once, his watch went out of order and the time it showed was quarter-past eight. Mistakenly, he woke up at three and rushed to get ready for work. Only when a policeman told him that it was just three o'clock in the morning, he realized his watch was showing the wrong time.
George, Harris and Montmorency keep off the cold water
George, Harris and Montmorency keep away from the water as it is too cold and the wind is chilly. J, however, does not give in but he isn't very keen on getting into the water either. He thinks he would not throw the water over himself but
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They were followed by the Cistercian monks who wore no clothes, ate no flesh, fish or eggs.
The difference of opinion between J and Montmorency
Narrator considers that the only difference between him and Montmorency is their difference of opinion about cats. J, being very fond of cats, would caress them gently with love and care. On the other hand, Montmorency would go wild at the sight of cats and the 'whole street would come to know about it'. J says that he does not blame Montmorency for this but the natural tendency of the fox-terrier breed. It is nearly impossible to train them to be gentler. J narrates a past incident at Haymarket Stores where a fox-terrier created a great havoc among the dogs and then went away with his master pretending to be modest.
While returning from a dip, at high Street, Montmorency saw a large cat, Tom, and ran after it. But as he reached near it, he did not act violently but surrendered to the gentleness of the cat.
Departure from Marlow
J considers their departure from Marlow to be dignified and impressive. They purchased a lot of things and had boys to carry the things along with them. Montmorency, 'carrying a stick', headed the procession with 'two disreputable looking curs' following him.
J's disgust over steam launches
J, being the man rowing the boat, expresses his disgust over steam launches. The three of them make every possible effort to irritate the people in steam

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