Three Messages From Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Analysis

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Three Messages From Rime

(“An Analysis of Three Messages from Rime of the Ancient Mariner”)

In the poem “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” an old man spots a young kid, and just knows that he must talk to him and tell him his story. Various feelings, emotions and actions are expressed throughout this old man’s story, and for whatever reason the young boy not only hears but completely listens to what the man has to say. After the man's story was done, there were three messages that came form his story and were now passed onto to the young boy's mind. Three of the messages that stuck out the most in this poem were, the definite distinction between the young and the old, the next messages would be guilt, and lastly having a respect for nature would be the last of the three messages that came about throughout this story.

Many things can make the distinction between the old and the young. For instance, as young adults, or even young kids, it is often that we get discredited and dehumanized for all that we do and of course because of the age that we are. Young people, have the reputation for being immature and unknowledgeable. This for some reason is how it's been for ages. Now on the other hand, elders or anyone i’d say thirty and up are known as more knowledgeable and definitely more mature. Simply because they have walked this earth far longer than the youngins. Older people see the world and life differently than younger people do. It’s

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