Three Mile Island Research Paper

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I think Three Mile Island should be shut down. The reasons it should be shut down are of its high cost and safety hazards.

The first reason it should be shut down is because of its high cost. The costs have been about 14 billion dollars just to make two new reactors and it is very difficult to make a profit. I understand that scientist are trying to fix the problem of pollution by using reusable resources, but the state will eventually be clean out of uranium to mine. This causes the state to fund the two nuclear plants producing no source of energy. On March 28, 1979, Three Mile Island had an accident that caused TMI-2, a generator system on Three Mile Island, to cease power production; however, TMI-1 is currently still producing power
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Radioactive waste/radiation and environmental causes and changes are the two main causes of safety hazards. Radiation is harmful because it can kill people or deform parts of their bodies and when having a baby, the baby can get deformed in the arms legs, or other body parts. This happened at Chernobyl were the reactor’s blew up and radiation got to pregnant women and their babies became deformed and people that were close or in the nuclear power plant died. Then also if you want to make the place livable again, you had to remove the radiation from the explosion and you would have to if it was a major explosion, remove the radiation from the site somewhere else so it wouldn’t spread to the other countries or states. One other thing is that terrorist want to blow up the nuclear power plants to cause the same destruction that happened at Chernobyl. Environmental causes and changes are a huge part in why we should shutdown Three Mile Island. Environmental causes are animals getting hurt because of what nuclear is power plants have to do to get uranium. Mining uranium is dangerous in many ways. Uranium produces radiation, so when mining it the radiation spreads into the forest where animals get contorted or they die. This also happens when the nuclear power plant takes about one billion gallons of water per day and marine or aquatic animals start to die because of the loss or drought of
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