Three Most Popular Monotheistic Religions

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Three of most popular monotheistic religions that we have study this semester include: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In each of these religions they have significate religious figures like Moses, the Virgin Mary, and Muhammad that ultimately play a vital role. This essay will look at the role they share and the significances for each religion. When looking at the three respected religions you will see in Islam case, Muhammad received the Quran, and gave the Quran to the world. The Quran is uncreated; it has always existed and is the exact same revelation that was given to Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, and Jesus. Of these recipients Muhammad’s receptions is the last and most perfect. To many Muslims it is though that around the time period…show more content…
Jesus was the focus of unity for Christians and would often be referred to as “son of man” or “son of God”. Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary, and what many Christians believe was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Well they is not any written works by Jesus, biblical accounts of Jesus contribute him as a teacher, he would teach that God’s reign is imminent and it is necessary to watch for the signs and to be prepared the new Godly society that a waits. Those follow Jesus can do this by observing the spirit verses the letter of Jewish Law. Throughout his teaching Jesus was considered a miracle worker, in some of his miracles Jesus healed those who were sick, stop storms, walk on water, and feeding those who did not have food. At this particular time in history many believed that God control all things that happen in the world, and since Jesus could as well control these things it was believed that God was at work in Jesus. At Jesus death, Christians believe that he fulfilled the prophecy and assented to heaven. Now a day’s Christian hold celebrates like Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter that remember the birth and death of
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