Three Propositions That The National Board For Professional Teacher Standards

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There are five propositions that the National Board for Professional Teacher Standards has listed, which are Proposition 1: Teachers are Committed to Students and Their Learning, Proposition 2: Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects to Students, Proposition 3: Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning, Proposition 4: Teachers Think Systematically about Their Practice and Learn from Experience, and Proposition 5: Teachers are Members of Learning Communities. The five propositions are similar to the code of ethics that are set up for teachers. The first proposition discusses the commitment that teachers are to have for their students learning. It’s main focus is that the student are treated equally and they are given the chance to learn. The National Board for Professional Teacher Standards (1987) stated “They believe all students can learn”. This statement is very crucial for teachers to understand, because if we give up on our students they will eventually give up on themselves. Proposition two discusses how teachers must know their content and how to deliver their content. Knowing your content is a must when you are a teacher, but if you don’t know how to deliver the information to your students you are back at square one. This proposition wants the teachers to be a master of the concepts being taught, and understand the information on a real-world basis. Also the teacher must be able to fill the gap of
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