Essay on Three Reasons Why Public Schools Should Wear Uniforms

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I have seen here, in the USA few public schools have need of students to wear a uniform. I went to school in Mexico City and I got to wear uniform every day. It is very common there for students to be dress in uniforms. Most of the time, I think kids in this country are very spoiled and very selfish too. For them to wear an uniform to go to school it is very offensive. The reason is they think they can no longer express themselves. I agree that asking students to wear a uniform won’t change their attitude, or how they need to behave in school. I think schools should require for each student to have a uniform. So can everyone be treated as equal and not have differences. I suggest that public schools should command students to wear…show more content…
After that will be red and they called them big bugs, and the three last grades would be green named grasshoppers. It was the favorite color for all students because it was the last three years in middle school. I never care in that time about fashion, or what to wear every day. I think it would help somewhat that public schools require students to wear uniforms. They will keep them focus and at the same time to have a little fun to continue their education. Second reason, parents should buy uniforms, so can save some money at the end. For example, I always remember when my parents used to send my four sisters and myself to school. They were so glad that we all have to wear uniforms because it was more convenient and helpful for them. They would go shopping for our clothes once at the beginning of each year. After that they didn’t worry about the whole year to spend more money. When I came to live here in this country, I was in shock on how parents spend so much money on clothes for their kids. Specially students who like to wear expensive brands, and care so much about how they are going to look, or impress other students. I had talk to some friends that have kids in school and they can see their kids wearing uniforms. The only reason is because they don’t want to be embarrassed or look ridiculous. I don’t think is enough as a reason for students not to used uniform at school. Third reason, public schools should required students to wear uniforms to prevent

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