Three Religions and Three Holy Cities

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It has an significant past with three major religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. It is quite remarkable that Southwest Asia has been a holy place for all three, and although it causes turmoil it is important to understand the three religions and their customs. Such information may help us not to judge so quickly or perhaps to grow in our knowledge about the world. Hopefully this will help everyone to have a wider view of the world than just the town they reside in or even the country they live in.

Islam Islam is the religion founded from the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.It is often depicted as a violent and irrational religion by the United States. This is not entirely true and although some of its customs may seem hostile there is always a reason for them. We must learn to respect the opinions of everyone and make correct choices for ourselves accordingly. Islam is represented by a crescent moon and a star. The moon is depicted as waxing or waning. Islam has Three Major Holy cities: Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem.The symbolic essence of the religious holidays of Islam are quite large and are celebrated slightly different according to your denomination. For example, if you are a Sunni Muslim then you would not participate in the act of beating yourself and cutting yourself as a Shi’ite Muslim would practice on the holy day of Ashura. Other popular Islamic holidays include Maulid, the…
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