Three Rivers Optical Essay

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Executive Summary Three Rivers Optical is a company located in Pittsburgh which supplies lenses to the ophthalmic community. Steve Siebert, CEO and head of marketing faces different challenges on deciding if he should keep trade shows he has been doing as sales have not been proficient enough, and whether he should invest in new trade show to grow TRO’s market share. Steve’s plan is to invest into different states such as California and Michigan in the next five years. As TRO is moving towards the west, it needs to invest in trade shows International Vision Expo West and Midwest Vision Conference & Expo. Trade shows are a very important investment in the eyes of TRO since they generate sales, and more importantly attract new…show more content…
When TRO has enough accounts to be profitable in those geographical areas, Steve wants to move to Denver, and end in California. Using data from the case, it shows that California, Michigan, and Ohio are ranked top 10 in sales for optical goods stores. The advantage TRO has on his competitors are it is recognized leader in the industry, and has been selected Transition Lab of the Year and honored by the Optical Lab Association as one of the top 25 labs in the country. Based on geographical distribution of optical good stores, Steve’s plans for growth do make sense. He is aiming growth in profitable states. On the other hand, Steve’s plans should include states that are actually closer to him, and that are, as well, ranked in the top 10 in sales such as New-York, and Illinois. Are trade shows a viable option to generate sales, sales leads, and new customer accounts? If so, in which shows should he invest? Trade shows are a viable option to generate sales as it is an excellent way to find new accounts to help TRO grow. According to a study conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), “86% of show attendees were the decision-maker or influenced buying decisions, and 85% had not been called on by a salesperson before the show” ( Dwyer, F. Robert, & Tanner, John, F.,Trade say that “shows are ranked second to advertising in terms of the marketing communication budget.” Also, trade
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