Three Rivers Optical

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The Three Rivers Optical Case
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1.1 Introduction

According to Jobson Medical Information, as of 2008 the U.S optical retail market was a $23.5B industry. This number excludes refractive surgery, reader and sunglasses sales at non – optical retail locations and contact lens sales by mail/internet suppliers.

Out of the $23.5B independents account for 51% and Optical chains like Wal-Mart, Sears account for the remaining 49%. Eyeglass sales account for 69% of the U.S optical
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This will make it easier for clients to buy from TRO relative to their competition. This scenario of course assumes that TRO offers superior products to their competition.

TRO by default will increase the number of units sold if they are able to increase the number of clients and frequency of purchase. But they can also increase the number of units sold by understanding how to add value. For example TRO can offer existing clients some discount say 20% if they buy more volume or let clients have their products and let them pay later.

2.2 SWOT Analysis

We have ascertained the three things above that must happen before growth can occur be it in territories that TRO currently have sales people or territories like Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Denver and California that Steve is looking to move into.

Steve has to perform a SWOT analysis on the current territories he has sales people to consolidate before looking to expand to other territories.

What are TRO strengths in the nine territories east of the Mississippi river? Can these strengths be duplicated in the new territories they want to enter? For example TRO is known for its service and ability to provide specialized products and not price. So Steve has to be sure that in the new territories they will find customers that value
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