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Week Two Case Studies
Case 7.1 Three Shifts, Three Supervisors (Northouse) 1. Based on the principles of path-goal theory, describe why Art and Bob appear to be less effective than Carol?

The path-goal theory focuses on motivating followers to achieve goals. It suggests that if followers believe there will be positive outcomes in their efforts, they will be highly motivated to do their work. Leaders, in this theory, use a style that compliments the follower’s needs in order to motivate them. Take the following situation as an example. I am newly hired as a sales manager and the morale in the department is extremely low. A few months ago the department’s profit in sales had been at the highest in decades. Multiple sales
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Art is a very task oriented supervisor. He is overly involved in his followers’ tasks and lacks human needs. Because his workers have such a monotonous job, they feel bored and don’t find understanding in Art. On the other hand, Bob embraces human needs within his followers as a supervisor. He is people-oriented and focuses on the group on a personal level. But Bob lacks directive leadership. His followers do not have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and therefore, they do not produce good work.

2. How does the leadership of each of the three supervisors affect the motivation of their respective subordinates?

Each leadership style from the three supervisors affects the motivation of their respective subordinates in different ways. Carol’s style has created a group of motivated employees with Art and Bob’s groups left lacking motivation.

Carol’s directive and supportive leadership (as explained in question 1) causes her followers to like her. One worker even mentioned that Carol was “part parent, part coach, and part manufacturing expert (Northouse, 2010).” Her reassurance and guidance has created an environment where employees are comfortable, similar to the relationship behavior in the style approach. This type of environment has highly motivated followers and helps in the production of the entire company.
Art has a more

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