Three Strategies That You Can Use as a Clinical Research Coordinator

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Describe three strategies that you can use as a clinical research coordinator that will significantly reduce the error in data that you collect. Error is inevitable. How many times have you made a dish from a recipe something has not been deviated. Maybe you were low on flour and had to substitute cornstarch or you did not have almond abstract and had to use lemon. The result may have looked like the picture but I’m sure the taste varied. In research we take limited samples of the population to make it paint a picture of the whole. A site could recruit 100 heart patients and use the information gathered to try to aid the population of 500,000 heart patients worldwide. Is the information true information of the whole or just a…show more content…
Go by the worksheet to fill in all needed data then review the data with the subject before they leave. This will cut down on misremembering information. In regards to mis-recording data get someone to review your information or review it yourself the next day. When writing down lab values I can record it and then get someone to call out the lab values while I double check them. Our after getting rest I can look at the information with fresh eyes and double check myself. I believe that this is a major error. One number being off can skew the results drastically. By improving upon this error, I believe statistical information will be better. The second major error made is made up information. We should never infer any information gathered about a patient based on their age, sex, ethnicity, or gender. Just recently, I recruited a patient for a study who was pleasant but very stubborn and did not realize he would have to come in for surgery. Everything in his case happened so fast that he really did not have a chance to process anything. Another research staff member goes to get blood samples and follow up with the patient. The patient is really cranky and agitated. When the research personnel comes back upstairs she is telling everyone that the patient suffers from dementia and inferring how this could affect other parts of the protocol. Well I asked her point blank, “How do you know that patient has dementia? Did his wife fail to disclose this
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