Three Strengths

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Three Strengths Essay Everyone has personal strengths that they utilize on the daily basis. In life we encounter experiences that help us identify our strengths as individuals. In the past, I’ve had several job experiences that tested what I believe to be are my greatest strengths. I believe each of these strengths speak to my character and will provide me with boundless opportunities in the future. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to be well-organized at all times. Growing up, I always lived in a very well put together household. Observing my moms need to keep the house spick-and-span, I picked up on her tidy habits. Everything in my room has a place which makes it easy to find something when it is needed. Being organized…show more content…
While those tasks are important to attain, it is beneficial to make tasks and goals for yourself as well. By setting my own goals at Pink and pushing myself to do more even when it wasn’t asked of me, I was given a well deserved promotion. Lastly, my ability to maintain a positive attitude in high stress situations has shown to be a very useful strength. Having a positive attitude at work can help you get a promotion, succeed on projects, meet goals, and just generally enjoy your job more. While working at the United States Postal Service, I encountered several instances in which I needed to maintain optimistic. As a window clerk I was required to perform several different roles throughout the day which some would consider to be very stressful. If we were short staffed I would be asked to go behind the scenes and scan parcels. If the line for window service was long, I would maintain a calm demeanor and quickly and efficiently tend to the customers with a smile. Last but not least, if the lobby was in disarray, I would clean and replenish with necessary materials. Although it may be very overwhelming handling so many different tasks throughout the day, maintaining a positive and upbeat attitude helps make the day go by much faster. When customers notice your positivity despite the chaos surrounding you, they are more likely to be empathetic and be at ease as well. A positive attitude in the workplace also helps employees to accomplish tasks
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