Three Texts Of Perseverance

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Have you ever wanted to give up on your goal when you’re in a hard situation? It’s pretty easy to give up but perseverance is what makes you not to give up in life. Three texts that demonstrates perseverance are “The Lost Boys,” “Mother to Son,” and “Saudi Arabia’s Freedom Riders.” The first text that demonstrates perseverance is “The Lost Boys.” The three boys left to Sudan to America for a better life. They crossed the Ethiopian River with other boys but they were eaten by crocodiles. They had a hard time in America when they came. No one helped them when they were stranded in Minneapolis. When they were in America, the boys got offered a home with a rent of 445 dollars a month. The boys experienced American culture throughout their stay. One day they had an opening spree on how to open chips, jars etc. They had dedication because they had to walk from Sudan to America in the hot temperature and danger around them and they never gave up from the journey and in America. The second text that demonstrates perseverance is “Mother to Son.” This poem is about a mother…show more content…
“Women are treated like perpetual minors in Saudi Arabia.” Women are looked at as babies because the government they don’t expect women to do things they want to do. “What these women are doing is brave, and what they are seeing is right.” Women in Saudi Arabia are standing up for their rights to drive for example, a girl was driving around the capital city of Riyadh for 45 minutes. “The women in Saudi Arabia looked at themselves, and they realized, “Wow! We can’t even drive.” Women think as themselves as left out in society by not letting women drive in Saudi Arabia. They showed determination because Saudi Arabia banned women to do certain things but Saudi girls rebel against that, and to claim women have rights
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