Three Texts That Describe Transcendence Is John Donne “Batter

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Three texts that describe transcendence is John Donne “Batter My Heart” for its transcendence in the ways of perfection through religion. The knowledge-based transcendence of Shelley’s Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. And the sweet Keats idea of transcending past time through the arts.
In this text, Donne character is a man who wants the Christian God to transform him. Donne narrator wants God to beat him till he’s worthy in the eyes of God figure, “You’re force to break blow burn and make me new.”(Donne line 4). Donne wants to be made pure by god by having god force himself on Donne character, “Nore ever chaste, except you, ravish me” (Donne line 14). Done wants to transcend to the level to be worth of gods stare so he wants to be cleansed.
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Keats transcend is within the parameters of negative capability which the unknown is a freeing aspect because the reader is not bound by the restrictive of the speaker or ideals. While Shelley’s version of transcendence through an awareness of a concept where you have an obtainable goal and loose parameters, unlike Keats where the reader has a non-conforming idea of negative capability.

Metaphysical poets have defined “The metaphysical poets exploited all knowledge—commonplace or esoteric, practical, theological, or philosophical, true or fabulous” (Abrams 43). They make poems which are complex and philosophical and abstract. They can be made up on a through whimsical ideas Yeats’s The Lake Isle of Innisfree, which is purely transcended through an imaginary place verse the encapsulation of feeling with Pounds In a Station Of the Metro. Bishop’s The Man-Moth is metaphysical because of the subject matter. Bishops have very whimsically and imaginative poems. One of them is The Man-Moth, this poem demonstrates how she a metaphysical poet because of the subject matter. The subject matter is an elusive man who is a giant moth who the press is trying to hunt. When she states “The

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