Three Theoretical Approaches Essay

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Outline the three theoretical approaches discussed in the text. What image is held of each? What core questions does each approach ask? Which of the three approaches strikes you as the most useful? Why? Approaches 1. Structural-functional approach * Sees society as complex system * Promotes solidarity and stability * Macro-level orientation * Social structure * Social functions * Manifest functions * Latent functions * Social dysfunction * What makes society tick * Vision of society as stable and orderly 2. Social-conflict approach * Sees society as an arena of inequality * Generates conflict and change * Macro-level orientation * Highlights how class, race, ethnicity,…show more content…
2. Social-conflict approach * How does society divide a population? * How do advantaged people protect their privileges? * How do disadvantaged people challenge the system seeking change? 3. Symbolic-interaction approach * How do people experience society? * How do people shape the reality they experience? * How do behavior and meaning change from person to person and from one situation to another? Out of the three approaches, I believe the structural-functional approach would be the most useful because it promotes stability, which is something that we all need in order to feel secure in our lives, in school, and in the workplace. Reference: Society: The Basics, 11/e for EDMC. Pearson Learning Solutions Chapter 1). Explain how each of the major methods of sociological research – experiment, survey, participant observation, and secondary research – is suitable for helping us to answer different types of questions and to study different situations. Provide an example of how each method might be used. The first research method is experiment research. This is research that is carried out in a situation that is under the control the researcher. This method is used when the research is based on how a situation may change if and independent variable is added to the situation. An example of how experiment research might be used is in testing the effects of TV violence on preschool aged children. The
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