Three Topics and the Role of Consiousness in Them

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To begin with, let us try to understand what consciousness really is. The dictionary defines consciousness as “the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings”. If the human being is said to be made by two units one being the body and other being brain,the module which connects both of them is called consciousness.In common terms self awareness is something called consciousness.In this paper we will discuss three different topics and the role of consciousness in them.

Lack of awareness of illness is called Anosognosia. The reason for the disorder is the damage to the specific parts of the brain especially the right hemisphere.Fifty percent of individuals with schizophrenia and Forty percent of individuals with bipolar disorder are approximately effected by this.This strange thing is very difficult for other people to comprehend.

In this case generally a person who has suffered stroke is unaware of the illness. Thus, a person now blind will insist that he or she can see and will start stumbling around in a room bumping into things. A person whose limbs are paralysed will deny the fact and hallucinates that his limbs are moving and will become furious when his family say that they are not. According to Mr.Ramachandran,in the patients of Anosognosia the right hemisphere is damaged and which allows the left hemisphere to engage in all confabulations,denials,repressions etc. which according to Froyd are defending the ego. Anosognosia

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