Three Types Of Cultural Diffusion

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Cultural diffusion is when one culture borrows aspects of another culture. It is the spread of culture and the borrowing of foreign cultural aspects into a culture.
2. What is acculturation? What is an example of this?
Acculturation is when a culture conforms to a different culture through large-scale alteration. An example of acculturation can be seen when one group conquers another and imposes their laws and customs on the conquered. A specific example of this could be when the colonists came to America. They took the land from the and forced their culture on the Native Americans. Native Americans children were separated from their families to attend American Indian boarding schools. There, they were given American names, dressed as American children, forbidden to speak their tribal language, given an American education, and forced to convert to Christianity. As these children grew up, they taught their children the American ways of life, causing their own culture to fade away. In this way, although it was forced, the Native American culture went through acculturation.
3. What are three types of cultural diffusion? Describe each type.
The three types of cultural diffusion are direct, forced, and indirect diffusion. Direct diffusion is when two cultures that live close to one another interact frequently. Occurences such as warfare, trading, and intermarriage will bring the two cultures in contact with one another. When this happens the cultures may adopt the clothing,
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