Three Types Of Propaganda In The Vietnam War

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Using the media as a weapon is not new, as well as the use of deception operations, deception operations have been used both politically and militarily throughout history.

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Propaganda easily can be seen in various historical contexts, much like deception is a key portion to warfare, so too is propaganda. With the power of influence and persuasion the intended result or intended effect on the target audience can be seen in the resulting types of propaganda used. There are three types of propaganda that are used, and some more that others due to the nature of what the propaganda would entail. The three types of propaganda are White, Black and Gray, with White being the most commonly used in recent times, as well as black.
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White propaganda the source is credible, and black is where the source and information is un-credible, the middle being gray is where the source may or may not be credible as well as the message that is being sent. (Jowett O’Donnell 1986, pg.20) The historical application of grey propaganda can be seen in the use of Radio Europe that was ran by the Central Intelligence Agency. The actual ownership of the radio station was one of debate, with the CIA making no claims to the ownership of the radio station, which resulted in the denial of the source. This can be seen as a grey propaganda situation. (Jowett O’Donnell 1986, pg.21) The issuing of stories which may be intended on embarrassing or damaging to a country are also seen as grey propaganda, where the intended result is draw questionable images of the nation that is being targeted. The use of grey propaganda is also seen in the private sector as well with private corporations making false claims or having a distorted piece of information on a competitor’s product. (Jowett O’Donnell 1986, pg.23)
In the past, white propaganda is the most widely used by the United States on the war on terror, and in kind Black propaganda can also be seen from the terror groups in order to alter the perceptions of the United States. Grey propaganda can be seen in the instances of the Apple Vs. Windows wars where the products were touted by each other’s companies as being inferior. (Nudd

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