Three Views of Cultural Characteristics of the Treatment of Elders

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My culture’s view of treating elders starts with the young people, such as children, providing the elders proper respect. The way for this to take place is by either obeying what the elder says or does or showing respectful manners towards them. Another way that the African American culture views this aspect is when the elders focus on having accomplishments towards their health/strengths, their faith, and/or resourcefulness. When this takes place, it would be the young people jobs to make sure that they help the elders by providing support for the certain conditions that the elders have to face. Now if the elder is not a relative, the young people would still show respect by giving the proper support to them but in a certain matter.
Let me give you an example a 14-year-old African American girl waking up early in the morning before she goes to school and she notices that her African American grandfather is having trouble walking to his wheelchair without falling. This is where the young lady will come to her grandfather, grab him by the arm or hand, and help him stay in control as he advances to the wheelchair. Situations like this is what the African American elders expect out of the young African Americans because they do realize that sometimes they are unable to do things alone due to a condition in their health and would want someone to help them out.
To summarize this in shorter terms, African American elders has this traditional belief that is towards collectivism.
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