Three Visual Artists of the 1960s

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Three Visual Artists of the 1960s: Rockwell, O'Keefe, and Stella Objective The objective of this study is to post the names of three visual artists such as painters and sculptors that were the most influential during the 1960. After identifying the visual artists, a URL will be posted so that the reader can link up to review their work. Finally, a brief commentary will be offered on each of the artists in regards to why they are so influential. Introduction The 1960s is reported as a "time of tremendous variety, creativity, and aesthetic rebellion in visual art." (Rielly, 2003, p. 231) Norman Rockwell, Frank Stella, and Georgia O'Keefe were three notable visual artists of the 1960s decade. I. Norman Rockwell Norman Rockwell is most famous for his 'Saturday Evening Post' covers in which he "captured the innocence of a small-town American that had only partly existed." (Rielly, 2003, p.232) Some of Rockwell's works include a little boy seated at a drugstore soda fountain bar with a policeman, and a young boy pulling down his trousers preparing for the doctor to give him a shot. Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers can be viewed at the following link: II. Frank Stella Frank Stella is called the "paradigmatic post-painterly painter". (Rielly, 2003, p.234) Stella is reported

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