Three Years Old Research Paper

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Three years old and going through what I went through isn’t the ideal childhood everyone wishes for. When I was just three years old my family fell apart. Being so young it is very hard to understand what is really happening, you don’t see the “bigger picture” of things. All you see if what is happening in the moment. My mom and dad became divorced when I was just three years old. I never really knew what that meant but I could tell it wasn’t something to be happy about. I look back when I was younger and I realized how even when all of this was happening my mom was never unsuccessful to take care of me and make me the happiest little girl. The hardest times were leaving my mom’s place and having to stay were my dad was staying. I always hated leaving my mom, it killed her as much as it hurt us. When I was getting dropped off at my dad’s place I knew it was going to be hell. My dad would be staying with his parents, the house was in an especially bad area which meant we could never go outside and play. We were always up in a tiny bedroom that my sister, dad, and I would share. He didn’t have a job so we could never go out to…show more content…
My mom always made sure my sister and I were okay even if she was going through all this on her own. During this time my mom met my step dad who I think of as my “real” dad. He was there for my mom through this dreadfully difficult time. He has always been more of a father figure to me then my blood dad was. He always made sure if we needed anything he would be there. They were together for about 2 years and then when I turned five they got married. I haven't seen my mom upset since. He has two kids of his own, my step sister Erin and my step brother Jason. While making sure they are okay, and making sure they had everything they need he is also doing the same with my sister and
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