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Observer and Thrill Seeker; I was initially really surprised! How could this test be so accurate? I have always known that I have been more of a "go with your gut" verses a "think about it wisely" person. I love to help people, but the flaw in my behavior is that I want to help people very quickly. If one of my friends is crying I start crying too. Then, after we are somewhat done crying I try and find a solution to the problem. I hate seeing people in distress. When I see a look of sadness or anxiety my heart tightens and I feel for whomever I am looking at. Knowing that the person feels even just a little bit out of sorts makes me feel distressed for him or her. I discovered through this test that I need to be more patient. Sometimes the best decisions are the well thought out ones! Not only does thinking about solutions to problematic situations help, but being well prepared for different angles can be the true winner. I recently walked in on one of my best friends who tried to kill herself. I was well prepared to call 911, and to contact her parents. But I was not prepared at how to help her during the 3 minutes it took for law enforcement to arrive. I figured that because I was not trained I might hurt…show more content…
I believe, and this test proved that, that the world could change if we invested our hearts into people; if we truly saw ones heart instead of ones outward appearance. What could this world change if we, instead of judging, were loving? If we worked together instead of trying to out do one another, what would be different? This test showed me that I need to not be afraid of failure. Because failure simply means I received a different result. Failure does not mean give up, it means keep searching, keep trying, and never lose hope. If everyone realized their strengths and weaknesses, and combined together as one force, we would finally have the ability to change the world, one step, in harmony, at a
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