Throgs Neck in the Movie Summer of Same Directed by Spike Lee

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If you have ever heard or watched the movie Summer of Sam, an American crime movie directed by Spike Lee in 1999 than you would know filming took place in a Bronx neighborhood called Throgs Neck. In fact, I have recently discovered that filming took place right on my block. Located in the Northwestern part of the Bronx, from what I have observed Throgs Neck is manly a one to two family suburb area with the exception of some apartment buildings. Throgs Neck has many events throughout the year, known for its parades such as the annual St. Patrick’s Parade and the Veterans Day Parade, which take place on East Tremont Avenue.
Throgs Neck is a friendly neighborhood for example, if someone was to ask me, “Where do you live?” my response would
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If you are driving into Throgs Neck then you will notice its main highways the Cross-Bronx Expressway and the Throgs Neck Bridge. The Throgs Neck Bridge connects the Bronx to Queens. The area Throgs Neck once was “Vriedelandt” later changed to Throgs Neck. For a while, people have been arguing whether or not Throgs Neck has two GG’s or one. The name Throgs Neck originally comes from an English man named John Throckmorton who was able to stay as the Dutch had allowed him to, in 1642. Ultimately, the American Indians drove out the Dutch. By the 19th century, land and developers started to appear. Many landowner sold their properties to developers. Shortly after private homes started to appear. An interesting fact about Throgs Neck is that it was once a summer resort that would explain why as of today beach clubs are still open; many of them have been around for over 50 years now. A historical event in the neighborhood of Throgs Neck was in 1961 when the Throgs Neck Bridge was finally completed. “Few Throgs Neck homes, including three rental apartment buildings and Throgs Neck Houses, one of the Bronx’s first low-income city projects, are more than seven blocks from a bay, creek inlet, or river. Because the waterfront is so accessible, many families belong to one or more small beach and fishing clubs along Shore Drive and Clarence Avenue” (Dolan 1984). Throgs Neck is a middle class neighborhood with the exception of the first in Throgs Neck
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