Through Email. That Way There Is No Question About What

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through email. That way there is no question about what is said and it is exactly the same for everyone. Chip prefers face to face communication as he feels he is better able to express himself this way, but he often uses email when he is not in the office. For his employees, face to face interaction and email is the predominant means of communication. He is staunchly against using texts for a means of official communication, as they are a public office and electronic messages are subject to the Sunshine Law. If they send work related messages on their phone, those messages must technically be kept for five years and there is a chance everything on the phone could be become a matter of public record through a court order. The only…show more content…
This is the type of culture Chip is trying to build in his office. This is a culture of togetherness where everyone is viewed as an important part of the team, and team interaction often spreads into non-work related functions. 10. In the business world today, change is an ever looming adversary that managers must plan for. Advances in technology have all business sectors in a constant state of flux. Quite often, companies will live or die based on how they adapt to changes in technology. If a company does not adopt a new form of technology, quite often they will be outpaced by their competitors. Eastman Kodak and Polaroid are examples of companies that failed to adopt change and were outpaced by competitors. Sometimes, the resistance to adopt new technology and change comes internally, as well. This is a problem Chip has encountered since taking over at the Assessor 's Office. In addition to some of the staff resisted Chip 's change to how everyday business was conducted, several of his staff resisted the change to adopting new technology, also. With the new property assessment and mapping software, Chip faced opposition from two women who had been in the office the longest, a 15 year employee and a 29 year employee, whose only argument was that things were fine just the way they were and had always worked fine. Despite their objections, Chip
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