Through The Collaborative Efforts Of Psychologists Jean

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Through the collaborative efforts of psychologists Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, philosopher Ernst von Glasersfeld and many other contributing researchers, Constructivism has become a successful and supported learning theory. It has been conducted off biological and evolutionary research on cognitive science and developed by researching its role in the representation of learning (Fosnot & Perry, 1996). As M. Gail Jones and Laura Brader-Araje (2002) discovered, Constructivism’s success was found due to previous frustrations with behaviourist education practices that left teachers feeling helpless with a system that placed responsibility for all student learning on them. Constructivism’ implementation altered how educators completely…show more content…
With this new understanding, Constructivism provides educators with a more informed approach to teaching, and how their students will learn. And while it does not include a “How to teach manual”, there are several general principles educators may draw from a Constructivist attitude to shape teaching structures.
Following from Fosnot & Perry’s (1996) principles, educators now understand that learning is not a result of development, but is development itself, therefore teachers must allow for learners to ask their own questions and generate their own ideas and opinions to test out, defend and debate to encourage student invention and self-organisation. Students must have the space to become active in their own learning processes, rather than sit passively as knowledge is “passed on”.
Secondly, error or ‘disequilibrium’ is to be encouraged rather than hidden away or watered down to facilitate learning by allowing students to learn from their mistakes. Contradictions and challenges need to be explored and discussed so that students can make meaningful and realistic connections to their world.
Reflective abstraction is an important component of making these errors as educators allowing reflection time through discussion, or other forms of communication like
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