Through The Development Of Human History, Humans Gradually

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Through the development of human history, humans gradually realize that Politics, Science, and Religion are three independent and equally competitive authorities. Also, the conflict between science and religion and that between politics and religion are much more severe than the conflict between science and politics. In this sense, because of the difference of those three authorities and the possibility of causing conflicts, it is more ideal not to twist science, religion, and politics together in the first place in society. Aquinas first realizes the need to separate governmental and secular power. Before him, religion and politics are closely woven together. For example, the Koran is not only a religious text, but also a code of conduct…show more content…
Rulers should get done what needed to be done, regardless with or without a sense of morality. At that moment, humans fully understood the difference of religion and politics, and the need to separate them. In the 16th to 17th century, along with the Enlightenment, Galileo shows the human race a neo authority, which is science. Although, science has always been a powerful force long before Galileo’s announcement, most of people treated it as more of a tool, instead of an equally competitive authority with religion. For example, Maimonides is the first philosopher who discusses the contradictory relationship between science and religion. However, Maimonides thinks that the truth of science is compatible with the truth of religion. In his letter to his disciple, Maimonides suggests that although it seems that the truth of science and truth of religious are different, they are actually consistent, because people fail to reinterpret them in a correct way. For this reason, Maimonides and most of people failed to fully capture the power of science until in the 17th century Galileo reintroduced it (the power of science itself). In Galileo’s letter, Galileo points out that because both the Bible and the world are God’s creation, and considering the fact that Bible is ambiguous but Science is clear, theology is incompatible with science. And at this moment, Science itself became a competing authority with
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